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[(06.13.04 ; 11:58AM)]

i need a nice journal layout, but i am clueless when it comes to that stuff. so if anyone knows how to do so, please leave a comment. thank you =]

- jenn

maybridge falls<3
even their lies.

h e l p [(06.02.04 ; 11:11PM)]

does anyone know how to make their journal friends only? if so, please get back to me? thanks a bunch.

1 even their eyes even their lies.

hey i'm the new kid so be easy. [(05.03.04 ; 04:35PM)]

[ mood | geeky ]

Heyyy there my name is Brittany. And this kid told me to come here and join, so here i am! Well i love maybridge what more should i say? well maybe if i can find some time i will write more. catch ya later.

1 even their eyes even their lies.

[(04.03.04 ; 09:17AM)]

[ mood | blah ]

hey guys. i just got myspace, so anyone here who has it, add me please. :) megmac810@aol.com

even their lies.

[(03.30.04 ; 09:38PM)]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey all... Good news.. Maybridge Falls got an awesome day to play for Skate and Surf. They will be playing day 2, which is probably my favorite.  Some of the bands they will be playing with are as follows

  • Midtown
  • Senses Fail
  • Taking Back Sunday
  • Finch
  • Story of the Year
  • My Chemical Romance
  • Boysetsfire
  • Rufio
  • The working title
  • Halifax
  • Planes Mistaken For Stars

Now these are just my favorites... there are many more that are playing, check www.skateandsurffestival.com to find out who!

Post on your comments!

1 even their eyes even their lies.

[(03.29.04 ; 12:02PM)]

FRIDAY, APRIL 9th, 2004

@The Murray Lodge Legion Hall
58 Meadow Rd, Rutherford, NJ
ALL AGES!! | Doors at 6pm | $8 admission

The #12 Looks Like You
The Escape Engine     Aspen It Is
No Easy Answer     Maybridge Falls
A Night To Remember    Stillhaven

even their lies.

NEW SHOW! [(03.20.04 ; 02:07PM)]

Friday, March 26th, 2004

@The Murray Lodge Legion Hall
58 Meadow Rd, Rutherford, NJ
ALL AGES!! | Doors at 6pm | $8 admission

Decoy (formerly Airkake)
Maybridge Falls
Small city groove (last show ever!)
The Forever Endeavor

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yooooooooooo [(03.17.04 ; 03:51AM)]

[ mood | chipper ]

i want a nice live journal layout. if anyone knows how to do a cute one, please let me know. leave a comment or just get in touch with me somehow. thanksss.

love always, jenny*

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LIKE OMG, GUYS ! [(03.16.04 ; 08:52PM)]

[ mood | geeky ]



if you guess mike, youre totally right! tell me he doesnt look super adorable.

show him some love ;]
3 even their eyes even their lies.

[(03.06.04 ; 10:45PM)]

[ mood | crushed ]

i miss ian =[


1 even their eyes even their lies.

i love you guys! [(03.02.04 ; 06:06PM)]

i love maybridge falls <3

always here to support you guys, no matter what you do.

love, your official merch girl,
jenny poo =]
3 even their eyes even their lies.

tribute [(02.29.04 ; 01:10PM)]

i want everyone to comment on this post and tell everyone how much they love mr. ian mcclure.
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[(02.27.04 ; 02:23PM)]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Hey all, Maybirdge show is tonight... If you want to go, its at the Murray Lodge hall in Rutherford behind the Wendys and BK on Route 17!! its easy to find... Aspen and NEA are also playing, be there

even their lies.

[(02.23.04 ; 03:11PM)]
Hey all... really good news.. Maybridge placed in the Skate and Surf BOTB and will be playing Skate and Surf... They had a bad ballot score because the kids are all hardcore quot"Moshers" who just want anything that sounds like my ass after a mexican night... but their score was brought up by the Aquarian judge, and the talent judge ;0D... this is amazing Skate and Surf is amazing... hell even im amazing, Post on your thoughts

Congratulations niggas... im sure we'll be partying our asses off for this one ;0)
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[(02.22.04 ; 10:33AM)]

[ mood | blah ]

how did the battle of the bands go?

10 even their eyes even their lies.

[(02.21.04 ; 01:08AM)]
[ mood | sore ]

wow, 1 am, Just got home from the CRAZY Early November/ Hidden in Plainview show... It was amazing, Socratic isnt all that great, a few good songs... Halifax was nuts, They're gonna get huge... Im so fuckin sore now so I am definetly going to take a shower, I gotta wake up in 5 hours for Maybridge BOTB... <3 you all Goodnight

8 even their eyes even their lies.

[(02.21.04 ; 12:11AM)]

[ mood | good ]

the maybridge falls are siiiiiiiiick the new cd is crazy guys good luck at the skate and surf botb

even their lies.

[(02.19.04 ; 10:26AM)]

[ mood | sleepy ]

i wish i could go to the show on the 21st. but i can't :(. the earliest i could get there is 3:30 and i guess that's too late right?


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[(02.19.04 ; 07:38AM)]

I love the maybridge falls:) especially that brian guy;)
even their lies.

[(02.19.04 ; 12:00AM)]
[ mood | complacent ]

These are the Directions from my house!!!!
they seem confusing but while ur on ur way there, it makes sense.. to convert these directions for you, either go to Mapblast.com and use ur adress as start and 570 Jernee Mill rd Sayerville NJ as final... or just look at the directions from step 11 on basically... or come to my house adn start from there haha!! PLEASE SHOW UP!!

Start: Depart 1 Butler Pl, Kearny, NJ 07032 on William St (North-East) 0.1
1: Bear LEFT (North) onto Park Ave 0.1
2: Turn RIGHT to stay on Park Ave < 0.1
3: Turn LEFT (South) onto CR-699 [Passaic Ave] 1.7

4: Turn RIGHT (West) onto CR-508 [Harrison Ave] < 0.1
5: Road name changes to Bridge St 0.1

6: Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-21 [McCarter Hwy] 2.8

7: Take Ramp (LEFT) onto US-1 [US-1 & 9] 2.0
8: Take Ramp (LEFT) onto SR-81 towards I-95 / NJ Turnpike / Dowd Ave / North Ave / Elizabeth Seaport 1.2

9: Turn RIGHT onto Ramp towards I-95 / Turnpike South 0.1
10: Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp towards Cars Only 0.4

11: *Toll road* Merge onto I-95 [New Jersey Tpke Cars Only Ln] 9.6

12: *Toll road* At exit 11, turn RIGHT onto Ramp towards US-9 / Garden State Parkway / Woodbridge 0.9
13: *Toll road* Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp 0.3

14: *Toll road* Keep LEFT to stay on Ramp towards US-1 / RT-440 / Garden State Parkway South / The Amboys 0.3
15: *Toll road* Take Ramp (LEFT) onto Garden State Pky towards Garden State Parkway 2.0

16: *Toll road* Road name changes to Alfred E. Driscoll Bridge [Driscoll Bridge] 0.4
17: *Toll road* Road name changes to Garden State Pky 2.3

18: At exit 123, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto US-9 towards US-9 / Sayreville / Old Bridge 0.5
19: Keep RIGHT onto Ramp towards South Amboy / Parlin < 0.1

20: Bear RIGHT (West) onto Bordentown Ave, then immediately turn LEFT (South) onto CR-615 [Bordentown Ave] 3.5

21: Turn RIGHT (North-West) onto CR-675 [Jernees Mill Rd] 0.7
End: Arrive 570 Jernee Mill Rd, Sayreville, NJ 08872

even their lies.

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